Friday, May 22, 2015

This is Ryan posing for Recycle Me organ donation awareness!
Recycle Me just started to collaborate with the 4 Blind Mice a visual arts and illustration collective based in Nelson Mandela Bay, Port Elizabeth South Africa. Together we want to share knowledge and information about organ donation all around the world.

Ryan Allan is an illustrator from Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa. His primary interest is in how art, specifically street art and graphic novels, can be used as a tool for social change, and through the use of his 2-dimensional alter-ego "Sanjeev”, aims to communicate various environmental issues. He is currently a member of the 4 Blind Mice. 

Ryan is also a co-founder of the CREATIVExPE initiative, which aims to connect local artists, and build the creative community in the city through social events, workshops and creative collaborations.

More information about Ryan’s work;
Twitter and Instagram: @4_blindmice
Twitter and Instagram: @creativexpe

More information about Recycle Me;
Instagram: @recycle_me_life
Twitter: @RecycleMeLife