Monday, April 5, 2010

The cool TRENDHUNTER published on the front page today!

"No, the ‘Recycle Me Collection’ isn’t a clothing line for the new movie Repo Men (though that does look like a cool film concept). This is a line of t-shirts that help raise awareness about organ donation. This is a subject that seems far too often glazed over, yet holds vital importance to the health of our society.
The ‘Recycle Me’ Collection, which was started by Pamela Lindgren, is a non-profit organization, with all the proceeds from the clothes going to Professor Lars-ErikGelin Memorial Foundation for Transplant Research.
As well as being a charitable tool, these shirts also act as a point of education to enlighten people on the issue of organ shortage at hospitals and clinics. As there is are far too few donor applicants, these shirts hope to inspire people to donate if they can." Shelby Walsh Editor and Screenwriter