Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Recycle Me organ donation awareness in collaboration with artists! Together we can and will make a difference! Organ donation concerns us all! Make your wishes known.

With love from Ghana! Let us introduce music artist QWECi! Thank you so much QWECi for participating!

With a love for music shines a bright and gifted male vocal soloist, producer and writer QWECi. Born in Ghana but bred between New York and Ghana, QWECi aka DED BUDDY is the first artist to release R&B / SOUL album in Ghana / West Africa. Spending his childhood in Accra, exposed QWECi to a vastly diverse culture and sound, that is apparent from the first note. 

“QWECi has always had an enormous love for music. While accompanying his mother to church, He discovered the confidence and courage and began performing at the age of 6. After years singing behind the microphone, he won an inter-collegiate contest by belting a strong performance of Boyz II Men's hit single, Ill Make Love to You, in a Ghanaian translation. Soon after, QWECi was Ghana’s biggest singing sensation. From performing at the Miss Ghana 1998 Pageant to touring around Africa with the rap group, "Native Funk Lords," QWECi has had the honor of performing and creating thousands of fans.”

“Currently, QWECi is back in Ghana after taking a break from the spotlight, and is working on his second album for Ghana and the world "All My Life", and also a debut cross over EP to share with the world "COLORS", a Masterpiece. "This is my first cross over project. I have sold records in Ghana and throughout Africa, but this is the album made for all."

QWECi (d.bee) goal is to reach the entire world by creating that "feel good music" that everyone can relate to, sing, and dance to. His work continues.
More about QWECi

Sunday, August 23, 2015

We got this from Lisbeth Roos, heart recipient! Well done at the 5 km race Lisbeth!

"The start was at 11:30 in the burning sun, at the finish I had a shrimp sandwich and coca cola. Luckily it´s now one year to the next race 😇 😰 My poor legs ache, but the heart pump is doing great!" - Lisbeth

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

We received this cool photo and story from John Batty, UK! Thank you so much John for sharing! Read Johns story here;

“I had my first kidney transplant 18 years ago from my Dad, Colin. Dad was 64 years old at the time and it was highly unusual for someone of his age to be allowed to donate. It was a testament to his fitness and persistence!

Prior to my transplant I had been on dialysis for 11 months: three sessions per week, three and a half hours each time. I used to leave work at 16-45 and get home at 22-30.
I was born with mega-ureters. The ureter is the tube leading from the kidney to the bladder. It allows urine to flow from the bladder to the kidney and also acts as a non-return valve to stop urine from going back into the kidney when going to the toilet. As my ureters were distended (too large) urine would flow back into the kidneys causing infections. I was 34 when my kidneys finally failed.
After 16 years my Dad’s kidney gave up the ghost, and my sister, Jane, offered to donate a kidney: a truly amazing, courageous and selfless thing to do. The second transplant took place on March 18th 2013.

Kidney transplantation is one of those incredible operations where the patient nearly always has a significant and immediate improvement in quality of life.
I have twice represented the United Kingdom at the World Transplant Games: Nancy (France) in 2003 and London (Canada) in 2005.” -John

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

This is artist Rabéa Ballin, she´s supporting the Recycle Me project by wearing our organ donation awareness t-shirt! Thank you so much Rabéa!

By sharing our thoughts and feelings about organ donation we can all make a difference. We are all depending upon each other!

Rabéa is a visual artist who lives and works in Houston, Texas. You will find her work on this link

Thursday, August 6, 2015

We got this lovely studio photo from Swedish music artist Lina Stina Wedin/Owlmother!

Lina is one of the members of the Swedish indie pop duo Owlmother. The other member is Fredrick Stewart Holm, previously also shown on this page promoting organ donation awareness! They are currently working on their new album, “In The Limelight”!

In photo Lina is wearing Brave Heart special neon Fluorescent plexi glas edition, we think this heart will look great along with Lina’s stage persona! 

Remember to make your wishes known; tell your friends, loved ones and family about your decision. Organ donation concerns us all! Thank you so much for sharing! 

More about Lina on these pages;
Photo by Robin Hirvonen Palmqvist

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

We got this nice photo from Ceri Roberts from UK! Thank you so much Ceri for sharing your and your husband’s story with us!

Organ Donation Concerns us All. Please make your wishes known! Thank you.

My husband received a kidney transplant in November 2013.
Life before the transplant was very difficult for us. Everyday was a struggle for my husband both mentally and physically. Due to his end stage kidney failure, he was constantly tired and unwell, unable to work and carry out a normal family life. He had to attend hospital for dialysis three times a week for the previous three years to keep him alive. He was a regular inpatient at the renal ward, and his only hope was a kidney transplant.
The day the phone call came, informing us of a possible kidney match changed our lives..
Since the transplant he has been able to live and enjoy an active and normal life again. His health is stable and he is full of energy. He has since started working again, and plays an active role in raising our three daughters.
Hoping our story will help spread awareness on organ donation.....the decision to be a donor really does change lives.”

Thank You
Ceri Roberts