Tuesday, April 19, 2016

This is Benita Bünger. She is a professional ballet dancer with the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is now collaborating with us to spread the RECYCLE ME movement globally. Thank you Benita, your participation means a lot to us! This incredible photo of Benita wearing the BRAVE HEART jewellery for organ donation awareness is a work of the Danish photographer Thomas Holm. Thomas is also collaborating with his profession as a photographer with RECYCLE ME.

We think this photo of Benita floating in the air in a weightless condition expresses so much hope, grace and compassion. It is like an imprint, an image of magic. That mind and body can achieve even the most impossible thoughts. Think about it. If we unite together around the cause of life with our compassion and strength, together we will make magic.

Both Benita and Thomas have participated on a non-profit base for the cause of organ donation. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have managed to bring our united cause to the next level by your art. Sincerely thank you.

If you would like to contribute to the movement, you can do so by purchasing the RECYCLE ME jewellery by Designer Pamela Lindgren at www.recycleme.life
The profits from RECYCLE ME jewellery will go to Professor Lars-Erik Gelin Memorial Foundation for Transplant Research. www.gelinfonden.org
Photo: Thomas Holm Photography. All rights reserved © 2016