Sunday, December 16, 2018

Dear all, we have been quiet for some time now but now we are back! We have the pleasure of collaborating with the multi-talented and very creative artist, researcher and musician Tarynne Swarts from South Africa! Tarynne is wearing our Brave Heart jewellery in her new music video. By doing so she is helping to awaken awareness about organ donation through art and music worldwide! Please watch her video and read our interview with her! And do remember, organ donation only works if we unite and take an active stand for making our wishes known. Organ donation includes us all.

- Tell us about who you are? I am World musician Tarynne Swarts (Pachamama) singer songwriter, producer from South Africa. The music I write is a fusion between Latin and World rhythms with a distinct African voice. I recorded my debut album Pachamama (earth mother) in Granada Spain. Music is my passion and I see myself as a bridge between different cultures through music.

- Your background? I started playing piano at age 10. I basically grew up in church which sparked my musical interest. I come from a very musical background. My late father John Swarts was a musician and my biggest inspiration. I received my bachelor degree in classical piano, my masters in education at the University of Leuven in Belgium and now I am finishing my PhD on sociology at the University of Granada in Spain. I am studying international mobility of Erasmus mundus students.

- Tell us about the Imibala festival?
I am the CEO and founder of the Imibala Arts festival (Cross colours /cross cultures) an Arts initiative with the objective of youth development through the Arts. It was established in 2017 and this year we successfully hosted our second annual Imibala festival. Our aim is to develop and give a platform to emerging artists from previously disadvantaged areas in Port Elizabeth.

- What is the meaning of the track Mbaqanga?
The Mbaqanga track is a throwback to the 1970's genre of Mbaqanga and kwela music in South Africa. I like to call it my people of the South track as I wrote it in Sicily, recorded it in Granada Spain and shot the music video in South Africa. The music video pays hommage to Nelson Mandela and the ideals of unity, Ubuntu and togetherness he stood for and was shot in Nelson Mandela Bay. This song also celebrates the diversity of our rainbow nation post Apartheid and bringing people of the World together through music.

- Why did you choose to take a stand for organ donation?
The recycle me campaign is a nobel cause raising awareness about organ donation. Due to a lack of human organs today many people have lost their lives and loved ones. Organ donation can give someone a second lease on life and is a nobel and selfless act. I admire the work recycle me has done not only in awareness but also the research the research on transplants recycle me is supporting.

Thank you Tarynne for collaborating with Recycle Me for organ donation awareness! We hope for further collaborations with artists, researchers, musicians and many more!  

More about Tarynne Swarts;

Sunday, September 23, 2018

This is Claudia, she is a biologist and worked as a university teacher in Brazil. She currently lives in Sweden, here she is wearing a RECYCLE ME Liver T-shirt for organ donation awareness to encourage us all to talk about organ donation to each other. To quote Claudia.

“- Donating organs is an act of love for others! Sometimes you want to give away and your family does not find it interesting, it is important to talk about the desire to help save lives when you are no longer here. Six years ago, my dear aunt died waiting for a liver or part of an organ. The waiting line is too long and she was getting increasingly sick and could not resist .. She was an organ donor, but unfortunately she couldn´t donate her corneas, nor any other part because she was very sick, but she wanted very much. Talking about organ donation is important to make the subject normal and to make more and more people wanting to help save other lives.” - Claudia Santos Klostermann

Thank you, Claudia, for sharing your thoughtful words and promoting this important stand! Keep spreading the message. – Organ Donation includes all of us! Your wishes matter!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Tonight's performance (17-August-2018) cancelled on account of illness.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Our South African ambassador Msaki will be at the Gothenburg Culture Festival in Sweden She will perform on stage on Friday 17th of August 19:30-20:15

Msaki - singer-songwriter from East London (ZAF)

“Msaki is a composer and singer-songwriter from East London, South Africa. She was born into a musically gifted family with a father, who was a DJ while studying at the University of Fort Hare, and also ran choirs throughout his life. He was one of Msaki’s first influences. Her grandfather was also a well-known composer and songwriter therefore it comes as no surprise that at a young age Msaki knew that there was magic in music.

2012 was the year the singer-songwriter was selected from over 900 applicants from all over the world to go study in North Carolina USA with 30 other artists, musicians and writers. The time she spent focused on creativity, spirituality and falling in love with music, which is what propelled Msaki into being a full-time independent performing artist. When she returned to South Africa her music career began and she signed herself to her own Indie Label, One Shushu Day Artistry.

Msaki creates a sound that combines soulful folk with symphonic movements, Xhosa lyrics and African poly-rhythms with portals of sincere improvisations. Her raw delivery disrupts your senses, leaving you moved and quietly longing for more as she weaves subtle tales of love, loss, home, revolution and hope. She plays with an ever-evolving and expanding band of incredible musicians from different musical backgrounds, which she calls the Golden Circle.” 

- Text from Göteborgs Kulturkalas / Gothenburg Culture Festival;

Foto: Mambila Mageza.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Msaki will be on stage in Sweden at the Gothenburg Culture Festival on Friday 17th of August at 19.30-20.30. Location Bältespännarparken - Cirkustältet
Free entrance! Welcome! Photo Robin Fassier

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Friday, July 20, 2018

Our South African ambassador Msaki is on tour in Europe. She will be on stage in Sweden at the Gothenburg Culture Festival on Friday 17th of August at 7.30-20.15. Location Bältespännarparken - Cirkustältet

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

We had the privilege to get an interview about André Lassooij, his life was saved by an unknown lung donor!  Read about his remarkable life from being diagnosed with a progressive and irreversible lung disease causing him to need a lung transplant to survive.

“André Lassooij was in his early 30’s when pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) was diagnosed. Before he was ill, he practiced in various sports, including table tennis, squash, cycling and running. The next four years after he was diagnosed, the disease changed him. The duration of his power was rapidly deteriorating and it was almost impossible for him to move without oxygen. A stair elevator was needed, André had to stop work and visited the hospital often. But he still went with oxygen to the sport school and swimming (with a tube of 12m and the bottle on the site of the pool!) until even that wasn’t possible anymore in spite of full oxygen.

In year of 1996, Andrés life was changed completely by the lifesaving "Gift of life" of an unknown lung donor. After the transplant, his health improved immediately and after four months he was able to his work on the bike again! One year after transplantation, he participated in the World Transplant Games (WTG) in Sydney, Australia. André was then able to participate in all of the following WTG and developed in athletics, winning many medals. The WTG Gold Coast, Australia in 2009 was his most successful with world records in the 100m and 200m sprints and gold in high and long jump. André is most proud of his sporting performance in 2008, when he became Dutch champion at the 200m sprint M50, whose opponents in the final did not know or barely knew of his double lung transplantation.

In 2014, André, as initiator of Expedition Kilimanjaro, managed to climb with 8 other organ transplant recipients, under the responsibility of the UMCG, the Kilimanjaro with the summit at 5895m. In addition to his athletic achievements, André has dealt with a number of administrative functions. As Vice-President of the European Heart Lung Transplant Federation, Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the European Heart and Lung Transplant Games in Apeldoorn 2012, Chairman of the Dutch Sport and Transplantation Foundation and in 2013 elected Trustee, and since 2015, Chairman of the Sports Committee of the World Transplant Games Federation. For his inspiring sports performance and administrative functions after his double lung transplant, in 2016 André Lassooij received the European Lung Foundation Award (ELF). Earlier, the ELF Award was awarded to the World Health Organization (2014), FC Barcelona (2013) and Mr Bloomberg, New York (2008).

In 2016, with the project “Life for Kids”, André promoted physical activity for children before and after transplant by giving presentations in 15 transplant centers for children on his cycling route of 3610 km over Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Paris, Madrid and Malaga. To meet, speak and inspire the children, parents and doctors about physical activity solutions in and outside the hospital. Andre said "Giving them a feeling there is a healthy future possible after the transplant was a wonderful experience”.

André 's positive attitude, his athletic achievements and his commitment to promoting organ donation is inspiring. And makes the "RECYCLE ME” movement more than true!”

Keep up the good work André! You are truly a man of many talents, warm hearted, full of life an inspiration to all of us!

Remember organ donation only works if we unite together, yours and others lives can be saved if we all sign up as organ donors. In the photo André is wearing a RECYCLE ME T-shirt to promote Organ Donation Awareness.

Links to organisations etc., mentioned in text:
The European Lung Foundation Award (ELF)
Life for Kids  

Friday, July 13, 2018

A golden heart on a golden woman! "A picture is worth a thousand words" the old saying goes and we agree! 

We got this beautiful photo of one of our loyal supporters Ellinor Johansson! With this photo beaming of hope and kindness we like to encourage you to share your thoughts, wishes on organ donation. Organ donation is not to be taken for granted, it only works if we all unite and help each other.

Ellinor got to know RECYCLE ME some years ago and have been involved with us to promote organ donation awareness ever since. Ellinor is art project manager within the culture sphere and has written books, for example "Mojaner - naturens magiska städare" / “The Moyans- magical cleaners of nature!”

” I became interested in organ donation after seeing a program on TV about axolotl salamanders, that are self-regenerating. They can also transfer cells to each other for healing purposes when necessary. Research on these salamanders is making great progress with its contributions to knowledge about organ donation. I find it very interesting to see how human beings, nature and animals can work together, turning up possibilities for new ideas and innovations by taking note of small things in nature, its threads and its networks."  - Ellinor Johansson

Monday, June 25, 2018

 This is Kim Andersson, his profession is with the public transportation institute in Sweden. Kim lives and works in Gothenburg, besides his work he likes photography, traveling and sports. In this photo Kim is wearing the Recycle Me lung T-shirt to promote organ donation awareness.

Kim´s point of view regarding organ donation;

 –“ To give away something that I do not longer need, something that also has the potential to save or extend someone else's life is, is a natural matter of course for me.”

Thank you Kim for addressing this important matter! In order for this great gift of life to work we relies on each other’s kindness of heart and ability to think big. Remember together we can make a difference – Organ donation concerns us all.

Fun fact about the Lungs; "The job of our lungs is to process oxygen and breaking down oxygen so it can be used by body cells for creating energy. The left lung is slightly smaller than the right lung and has two lobes, and the right lung has three lobes. Apart from the difference in the number of lobes, the structure of left lung differs slightly from the structure of right lung. The left lung contains a ‘cardiac notch’. The cardiac notch is a small place designed to accommodate the heart. Human lungs breathe in and out about 2,100 to 2,400 gallons (8,000 to 9,000 liters) of air every day."

Text from;

Thursday, May 17, 2018

”No pienses en la donación de órganos como ofrecer una parte de ti para que desconocido pueda vivir ... 
... es en realidad un desconocido quien ofrece todo su cuerpo para que una parte de ti pueda seguir viviendo…” -
Fundación Carlos Sanz

Do not think about organ donation as offering a part of you so a stranger can live ...
... it is in fact, a stranger who offers his whole body so a part of you can continue living ... - Fundación Carlos Sanz
(free translated by RECYCLE ME)

This is Lorena Navarro Campo, we had the pleasure to meet her and asked her to talk about organ donation and how works in her country. Lorena comes from Barranquilla, Colombia but she lives and works in Sweden now, though she keeps close ties to her mother country. Her profession is as an industrial engineer, but she has other skills among she speaks three languages which comes in handy as she is an experience traveler.

“In Colombia it is presumed that everybody is a potential organ donor when a person during her/his life has abstained from exercising her/his right to oppose to donate after death.” Source: 

Since the law was created in 2016, the organ donation in my country has growth 30% and it is expected to grow more in the upcoming years. - Lorena Navarro Campo

Thank you, Lorena, for promoting organ donation awareness! In this photo she is wearing a RECYCLE ME kidney T-shirt. Together we make miracles! Spread the word – organ donation includes us all!

Friday, April 6, 2018

We have had the pleasure to meet with Siw Eriksson to talk about organ donation awareness. Siw presently works as a researcher at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg Sweden. Siw is a multitalented person with vast experience from both health care, industry and research. She has developed a new innovative communicative textile that can be used in medical treatments. Inhale and exhale, and stay calm seems to be the thing to keep up with her pace! The Recycle Me lung prints symbolize the need for organs, and the awareness of organ donation. In fact, all of us can be in need of a new organ. Thank you Siw for participating to spread organ donation awareness!

For me it is a matter of course to support Recycle Me as it pinpoints essential life issues.
With previous work experience from intensive care, I've seen how difficult it is when relatives need to make the decision to permit
organ donation or not from the deceased person - a decision we all should spare our relatives from. Today many years later, I am focusing on researching of how we can develop new medical devices, often based on textile technology, together with clinical experts in health care, I get the sense that the circle reconnects again by means of Recycle Me, as their message often is manifested on textiles. The fact that Recycle Me additionally are beautiful artworks, whatever material it is created of, is just a bonus!” - Siw Eriksson

You find interesting facts of our lungs here:

Monday, March 5, 2018

The RECYCLE ME  project has been chosen as one of five FORMVISARE 2018 by SVENSK FORM! This means we have received an opportunity to exhibiting abroad during this year thanks to great support from Svensk Form Väst. Thank you SVENSK FORM!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

One of the most important autonomous systems we know are our own bodies. However, sometimes we are depending on each other. Science helps us change the laws of nature. The RECYCLE ME project has one aim- to spread the word.  - “Organ Donation Concerns Us All”.

Let us present our new friend Sachiyo Ono from Saitama, Japan. Sachiyo is a great artist and considerate person who supports organ donation awareness. In the photo she is wearing a RECYCLE ME T-shirt to visualize her stand in this issue. 

Together we can promote change and encourage each other to take a stand for organ donation. By talking to our loved ones, friends and family, we can all make a contribution.

“I'm from Japan but life brought me to Sweden where I started a kimono recycle business. The idea was influenced by the spirit of Swedish environmental friendliness. Furthermore, I have been supported by many people and what I value most is a connection with others. This collaboration between Recycle Me and ONOKIMONO (even collaboration between Scandinavian and Japanese design in the photo) is one of the great opportunities.
Now it's my turn to support, I recycle me and kimono! I wish both efforts will make someone happy.”- Sachiyo Ono

Thank you Sachiyo for your support!

Information of Organ Donation in Japan:

Information of Organ Donation in Sweden:

If you like to know more about Sachiyo visit her company page ONOKIMONO: on Facebook