Monday, October 23, 2017

RECECLE ME will participate in this year's AHA festival! Stay tuned for more information.

"Regardless who we are and where we come from, autonomy is in the essence of our capacity to make decisions as individuals, organisations, and societies. In the realms of war and conflict, struggles for rights, self-achievements, and artistic and scientific explorations, autonomy is a complex and distinctive driver for the development of mankind. Throughout history it has referred to the political independence of the Greek city-states and was a predominant motivation for the European wars of religion in the 17th century. In the 18th century, Kant brought it to the centre of theoretical and practical philosophy debates. During the 19th century, the phrase “art for art's sake” reflected the Romantic movement's desire to detach art from the stress of rationalism and was the foundation for the development of abstract art in the 20th century. In the scientific world of today and tomorrow it will continue to be a major driver in the development of innovative autonomous."

"Where does our autonomy as individuals, artists and researchers end and begin? Can the boundaries be drawn so neatly? How does autonomy relate to contemporary challenges and how we might face them?" Text from