Wednesday, November 29, 2017

This is Francis Löfvenholm, a professional photographer from Gothenburg, Sweden. We meet Francis in an art and science collaboration “Explainartist" about the increased CO2 in the ocean. The ways we treat the ocean and our human bodies are closely linked. The human body contains 70% water, and in that way we are the ocean. Each one of us carries a little bit of the ocean within our bodies. How we treat nature has an instant effect on us, and therefore we must treat it respectfully and well in order for us as species as well as other species to survive and be healthy.

Our cultural values, customs and beliefs affect the way we treat the Earth as well as how we treat each other. To sign up as a potential organ donator is a good way to unite with others concerning our common humanity and existence, and our individual lives. More people registered as organ donors will increase the chances of saving lives: yours and those of your fellow human beings.

Recycle Me encourages you to make your wishes known by registering with the organ donations register in your country.

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