Sunday, March 4, 2018

One of the most important autonomous systems we know are our own bodies. However, sometimes we are depending on each other. Science helps us change the laws of nature. The RECYCLE ME project has one aim- to spread the word.  - “Organ Donation Concerns Us All”.

Let us present our new friend Sachiyo Ono from Saitama, Japan. Sachiyo is a great artist and considerate person who supports organ donation awareness. In the photo she is wearing a RECYCLE ME T-shirt to visualize her stand in this issue. 

Together we can promote change and encourage each other to take a stand for organ donation. By talking to our loved ones, friends and family, we can all make a contribution.

“I'm from Japan but life brought me to Sweden where I started a kimono recycle business. The idea was influenced by the spirit of Swedish environmental friendliness. Furthermore, I have been supported by many people and what I value most is a connection with others. This collaboration between Recycle Me and ONOKIMONO (even collaboration between Scandinavian and Japanese design in the photo) is one of the great opportunities.
Now it's my turn to support, I recycle me and kimono! I wish both efforts will make someone happy.”- Sachiyo Ono

Thank you Sachiyo for your support!

Information of Organ Donation in Japan:

Information of Organ Donation in Sweden:

If you like to know more about Sachiyo visit her company page ONOKIMONO: on Facebook