Tuesday, December 5, 2017

We had the pleasure of meeting Carolina Poelk a Product and UX Designer from Germany to talk about organ donation and how we can unite and act together to raise awareness.

“I am a product designer, working and living in beautiful Gothenburg. I am passionate about creating and designing meaningful and beautiful products and meeting people that share the same visions about collaboration. I believe that we have come to an era where we no longer have resources and time to waste on meaningless objects and designs. We have the responsibility to strive for sustainability, raise awareness and focus on what’s best for our planet. Organ donation is in my opinion the most profound act of humanity and should go without saying. Since it is not yet a given thing for everyone to sign up for, any opportunity to raise awareness should be taken.” - Carolina Poelk

Thank you, Carolina, for engaging in the RECYCLE ME movement!

You find more about Carolina here; https://carolinapoelk.myportfolio.com/