Friday, April 6, 2018

We have had the pleasure to meet with Siw Eriksson to talk about organ donation awareness. Siw presently works as a researcher at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg Sweden. Siw is a multitalented person with vast experience from both health care, industry and research. She has developed a new innovative communicative textile that can be used in medical treatments. Inhale and exhale, and stay calm seems to be the thing to keep up with her pace! The Recycle Me lung prints symbolize the need for organs, and the awareness of organ donation. In fact, all of us can be in need of a new organ. Thank you Siw for participating to spread organ donation awareness!

For me it is a matter of course to support Recycle Me as it pinpoints essential life issues.
With previous work experience from intensive care, I've seen how difficult it is when relatives need to make the decision to permit
organ donation or not from the deceased person - a decision we all should spare our relatives from. Today many years later, I am focusing on researching of how we can develop new medical devices, often based on textile technology, together with clinical experts in health care, I get the sense that the circle reconnects again by means of Recycle Me, as their message often is manifested on textiles. The fact that Recycle Me additionally are beautiful artworks, whatever material it is created of, is just a bonus!” - Siw Eriksson

You find interesting facts of our lungs here: