Sunday, September 23, 2018

This is Claudia, she is a biologist and worked as a university teacher in Brazil. She currently lives in Sweden, here she is wearing a RECYCLE ME Liver T-shirt for organ donation awareness to encourage us all to talk about organ donation to each other. To quote Claudia.

“- Donating organs is an act of love for others! Sometimes you want to give away and your family does not find it interesting, it is important to talk about the desire to help save lives when you are no longer here. Six years ago, my dear aunt died waiting for a liver or part of an organ. The waiting line is too long and she was getting increasingly sick and could not resist .. She was an organ donor, but unfortunately she couldn´t donate her corneas, nor any other part because she was very sick, but she wanted very much. Talking about organ donation is important to make the subject normal and to make more and more people wanting to help save other lives.” - Claudia Santos Klostermann

Thank you, Claudia, for sharing your thoughtful words and promoting this important stand! Keep spreading the message. – Organ Donation includes all of us! Your wishes matter!