Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Photo and design Pamela Lindgren. All rights reserved © 2016

This is Örjan Söderberg.
He is a father of three sons and an industrial designer. Örjan works at Chalmers University of Technology where he divides his time between teaching at the Msc program in Industrial Design Engineering and leading the program. As the head of Programme he is responsible for the educational and strategic work in one of Sweden's most sought after educations. The goal is to give students a broad base of design and technology with a lot of knowledge and a strong focus on the user.

Örjan lost his spleen in 1986 and then needed a transfusion of 4,5 liters of blood - so he knows the importance of giving and receiving.

Thank you so much Örjan for your participation with RECYCLE ME LIFE for organ donation awareness!

Remember we can all make a difference by talking about our feelings and wishes about organ donation. Organ donation includes all of us all over the world. One person’s life can save the lives for 8 people - you might be one of them in need for a new organ.

The RECYCLE ME movement is a design proposal for organ donation awareness. The movement is global and we would like to include more countries and organizations working for this cause. All of the people working and contributing to this project are doing it on a non-profit basis in their free time. Let’s work together! Because organ donation includes us all.