Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Greetings from KNIFVEN Sweden!

We got this studio photo from our friends in music band KNIFVEN. You're all looking sharp! Organ donation awareness shirts from Recycle Me.

Remember, talk about organ donation with each other and make your wishes known. If we do so more lives can be saved, yours and mine. 1 organ donor can save 8 lives.

This is KNIFVEN;
KNIFVEN is a power trio from Stockholm that has been around since 2010. The members, Joakim (bass, vocals), Anders (guitar, vocals) and Adrian (drums), all have a background in several bands within the Swedish indie, metal, and hardcore scenes. Together the members deliver a mix of frenetic guitars, distorted bass and chaotic drums, topped off with vocals at the top of their lungs! Since the start the band has released four 7" records and a full-length album through Swedish DIY-label Gaphals. KNIFVEN has also been active as a live band and has played numerous shows, including clubs, pubs and festivals throughout Sweden. The band also did a short tour in Denmark and Germany in 2013 and are now planning for a new Euro tour in October 2015. 

More information about KNIFVEN can be found through the band page www.knifven.se.

About the debut album "Skuggfigurer":
KNIFVEN's debut album "Skuggfigurer", which was released on 5th of May 2015, is a cocktail of punk, rock, exhaustion and general frenzy. 12 songs in just over 30 minutes that all capture the width and variety in KNIFVEN’s trademark songwriting. The record is the result of hard work the last couple of years to find the right expression and form for the band's ideas and views. "Skuggfigurer" was recorded and produced during October and November 2014 in legendary Studio Kapsylen (Kafé 44) in Stockholm by Jörgen "Jugglo" Wall. It will be released on vinyl and in digital format.


"Början", which is single number two off the album, was also supported by a video. The song is a cover song originally written and performed by legendary Swedish group Reeperbahn.

In photo; left Joakim Andersson, middle Adrian Hörnquist, right Anders Carlborg