Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Recycle me is a non-profit design proposal to benefit human organ donation. The idea of the proposal is t-shirts prints and jewelry in the shape of human organs. By wearing a t-shirt or jewelry people will make a pro-donation statement.

The lack of human organs today is costing the lives of many people in need of new organs. It is also taking many people’s lives through the illegal market based on organ robbery. The situation is unacceptable and must be changed. Recycle me is a step in the right direction to create a better world. Recycle me also encourages you to make your wishes known; we can all make a difference by telling others what we think about organ donation.

The profits from the Recycle me project will go to Professor Lars-Erik Gelin Memorial Foundation for Transplant Research.

If you like to support you can purchase a t-shirt or jewelry at our web shop.

You find it here;

Photo Pontus Johansson. Design Pamela Lindgren 2014 ©.

Music Artist Kapten Röd is supporting Organ Donation Awareness by promoting Recycle Me. In photo with “Brave Heart” limited edition jewelry for Recycle Me. We are so proud!

Designer and founder of Recycle Me Pamela Lindgren has created a limited edition of a piece of jewelry for organ donation awareness called “Brave Heart”, a gold-plated heart in brass in the size of the human heart.

- My intention with this piece of jewelry was to make it large, to make it really striking; symbolically I also made it gold-plated. It takes a brave heart to make a difference when it comes to really caring for each other, a gold-hearted person.

- Reflecting on organ donation raises questions on life itself and of course on your own life. If you in a critical situation were offered a way to survive, a second chance, wouldn´t you take it? To me the answer is evident - Yes, of course I would! There is, I believe, a universal law telling that the one who wants should also give. If I was to die prematurely in a tragic accident, it would be an even bigger tragedy if my heart could have been given to another person to save his or her life but never was because no one knew I wanted to. I think we all are obliged to let others know of our readiness to donate organs, to save lives but also to put a stop to the illegal organ-market based on organ robbery causing even the death other people.
- Pamela Lindgren Designer MFA

Photo Pontus Johansson.

Design Pamela Lindgren

If you like to know more about the great artist Kapten Röd visit:öd/19478216908