Monday, November 24, 2014

Worldwide music artist Etzia supports Recycle Me! Thank you so much!

Every time organ donation is being discussed, remember to share your thoughts and your wishes about organ donation with others. We can all make a difference by telling others what we think about organ donation. Let your family, your friends and your loved ones know what you think!

The dancehall flavour is what defines Etzia, but as a citizen of the global city she has a feeling for all types of Urban Music. Etzia was born in New York, has her roots in Panama and Trinidad, and grew up in Sweden with her mother. She represents today's vibe and is ready to release her new album, stay tuned!

Etzia gives concerts and travels all around the world, we are so happy for her help with promoting Organ Donation Awareness! In this photo Etzia is wearing “Brave Heart” golden metal heart, specially designed for selected artists in favor of Recycle Me.

If you like to know more about Etzia and hear her music go here;

You can also find Etzia on Instagram/ETZIA

Jewelry Design; Pamela Lindgren

Photo by; Pontus Johansson

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This is Doctor Amar Chandan, he recently became a medical doctor! Congrats! Amar’s passion lies in internal medicine and neurology. We are soon to expect new breakthroughs in these fields according to Amar. We will keep you updated!

Thank you Amar for helping us spread organ donation awareness around the world! And thank you all for keep spreading the word - Organ Donation concerns us all, make your wishes known!