Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This week is the International organ donation awarness week.

"The donation rate in Sweden has been among the lowest in Europe for a number of years. Thus, the Swedish government realised the need for a national agency, with an overall responsibility for donation. Sweden had 14,2 donors per million people in 2005 and 15,1 p.m.p. in 2006. Thus, Sweden moves in the right direction, but there is room for continuous improvement, especially keeping in mind that Sweden has over 600 patients waiting to be transplanted."

from Donationsrådet Socialstyrelsen 2010-10-19

Thursday, October 14, 2010

We got some help to make information cards about the project! The sponsor wish to stay anonymous for now. We are grateful, thank you so much!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Some information about the t-shirt material that Recycle Me use, bamboo and organic cotton.

Antibacterial Qualities of Bamboo ExplainedBamboo is a very special kind of plant, not only because it's the strongest and fastest growing plant on earth but also because of the exceptional natural antibacterial qualities of bamboo.It's these antibacterial qualities that have helped bamboo become so incredibly successful in the wild.

Because it's developed an amazing barrier against bacteria, almost all types of bacterial pests that try to grow on the plant are killed on contact. What's really astounding, though, is the fact that this particular quality isn't destroyed during the process of turning bamboo culms into fabrics. In fact, a study by the CTITC (China Textile Industry Testing Centre) showed that after introducing bacteria to a sample of bamboo fabric a 99.8 reduction in bacteria occurred over a 24-hour period. Another study by The Japan Textile Inspection Association showed that bamboo fabric could eliminate over 70 of introduced bacteria over a 24-hour period even after 50 industrial wash cycles.

Bamboo fibre made into socks can stop foot odour and prevent athletes' foot. Operating masks and gowns have been produced to help prevent cross infection in sterile environments. Bamboo fabric will also resist yeast, mould and fungus cultivation.
No other fabric has this quality so where your cotton shirts will eventually show signs of yellowing in the pits (and no matter how much deodorant we use, we all sweat!), the antibacterial matter will kill the bacteria in sweat thus ensuring that your shirts retain a clean, fresh appearance. The natural antibacterial qualities of bamboo will also help naturally eliminate odours.