Wednesday, August 19, 2015

We received this cool photo and story from John Batty, UK! Thank you so much John for sharing! Read Johns story here;

“I had my first kidney transplant 18 years ago from my Dad, Colin. Dad was 64 years old at the time and it was highly unusual for someone of his age to be allowed to donate. It was a testament to his fitness and persistence!

Prior to my transplant I had been on dialysis for 11 months: three sessions per week, three and a half hours each time. I used to leave work at 16-45 and get home at 22-30.
I was born with mega-ureters. The ureter is the tube leading from the kidney to the bladder. It allows urine to flow from the bladder to the kidney and also acts as a non-return valve to stop urine from going back into the kidney when going to the toilet. As my ureters were distended (too large) urine would flow back into the kidneys causing infections. I was 34 when my kidneys finally failed.
After 16 years my Dad’s kidney gave up the ghost, and my sister, Jane, offered to donate a kidney: a truly amazing, courageous and selfless thing to do. The second transplant took place on March 18th 2013.

Kidney transplantation is one of those incredible operations where the patient nearly always has a significant and immediate improvement in quality of life.
I have twice represented the United Kingdom at the World Transplant Games: Nancy (France) in 2003 and London (Canada) in 2005.” -John