Monday, November 30, 2015

At present there is a shortage of human organs, and illegal organ trading and organ thefts occur all over the world. Most people are willing to donate their organs after death but the problem is that we do not make our wishes known even to our closest family and friends, which can contribute to their uncertainty in one of life’s most difficult situations. Apart from creating uncertainty for our loved ones, this situation also contributes to the wasteful loss of organs that could otherwise have been used in transplantations. Another problem is that not everyone is aware of or knows about organ donation and transplantation – that all of us can donate our organs after our deaths. This problem is international and affects everyone irrespective of age, gender or nationality.

With art, design and music as knowledge-bearers, difficult questions can be addressed and thus function as bridges to vital conversations. An artistically designed message often reaches out to many people and can awaken interest, curiosity and the discovery of answers to complicated and sensitive questions. It is a democratic right and obligation to offer information and spread knowledge to all people everywhere in the world concerning organ donation. The will of each individual must be respected. Nobody should be forced to sell or be robbed of their organs.

Together we can promote change and encourage each other to take a stand for organ donation. By talking to our loved ones, friends and family, we can all make a contribution.

- Pamela Lindgren, Designer, Master of Fine Art Degree, MFA. Founder of RECYCLE ME.
Ph.D- candidate, Division Design & Human Factors Chalmers University of Technology.

The profits from the RECYCLE ME project will go towards ground breaking research in organ donation and transplantation, an innovative field with a promising future. RECYCLE ME is donating the profit to Professor Lars-Erik Gelin Memorial Foundation for Transplant Research.

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We are always looking for new collaboration to spread knowledge about organ donation awareness.

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