Sunday, December 16, 2018

Dear all, we have been quiet for some time now but now we are back! We have the pleasure of collaborating with the multi-talented and very creative artist, researcher and musician Tarynne Swarts from South Africa! Tarynne is wearing our Brave Heart jewellery in her new music video. By doing so she is helping to awaken awareness about organ donation through art and music worldwide! Please watch her video and read our interview with her! And do remember, organ donation only works if we unite and take an active stand for making our wishes known. Organ donation includes us all.

- Tell us about who you are? I am World musician Tarynne Swarts (Pachamama) singer songwriter, producer from South Africa. The music I write is a fusion between Latin and World rhythms with a distinct African voice. I recorded my debut album Pachamama (earth mother) in Granada Spain. Music is my passion and I see myself as a bridge between different cultures through music.

- Your background? I started playing piano at age 10. I basically grew up in church which sparked my musical interest. I come from a very musical background. My late father John Swarts was a musician and my biggest inspiration. I received my bachelor degree in classical piano, my masters in education at the University of Leuven in Belgium and now I am finishing my PhD on sociology at the University of Granada in Spain. I am studying international mobility of Erasmus mundus students.

- Tell us about the Imibala festival?
I am the CEO and founder of the Imibala Arts festival (Cross colours /cross cultures) an Arts initiative with the objective of youth development through the Arts. It was established in 2017 and this year we successfully hosted our second annual Imibala festival. Our aim is to develop and give a platform to emerging artists from previously disadvantaged areas in Port Elizabeth.

- What is the meaning of the track Mbaqanga?
The Mbaqanga track is a throwback to the 1970's genre of Mbaqanga and kwela music in South Africa. I like to call it my people of the South track as I wrote it in Sicily, recorded it in Granada Spain and shot the music video in South Africa. The music video pays hommage to Nelson Mandela and the ideals of unity, Ubuntu and togetherness he stood for and was shot in Nelson Mandela Bay. This song also celebrates the diversity of our rainbow nation post Apartheid and bringing people of the World together through music.

- Why did you choose to take a stand for organ donation?
The recycle me campaign is a nobel cause raising awareness about organ donation. Due to a lack of human organs today many people have lost their lives and loved ones. Organ donation can give someone a second lease on life and is a nobel and selfless act. I admire the work recycle me has done not only in awareness but also the research the research on transplants recycle me is supporting.

Thank you Tarynne for collaborating with Recycle Me for organ donation awareness! We hope for further collaborations with artists, researchers, musicians and many more!  

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