Friday, July 13, 2018

A golden heart on a golden woman! "A picture is worth a thousand words" the old saying goes and we agree! 

We got this beautiful photo of one of our loyal supporters Ellinor Johansson! With this photo beaming of hope and kindness we like to encourage you to share your thoughts, wishes on organ donation. Organ donation is not to be taken for granted, it only works if we all unite and help each other.

Ellinor got to know RECYCLE ME some years ago and have been involved with us to promote organ donation awareness ever since. Ellinor is art project manager within the culture sphere and has written books, for example "Mojaner - naturens magiska städare" / “The Moyans- magical cleaners of nature!”

” I became interested in organ donation after seeing a program on TV about axolotl salamanders, that are self-regenerating. They can also transfer cells to each other for healing purposes when necessary. Research on these salamanders is making great progress with its contributions to knowledge about organ donation. I find it very interesting to see how human beings, nature and animals can work together, turning up possibilities for new ideas and innovations by taking note of small things in nature, its threads and its networks."  - Ellinor Johansson