Wednesday, August 5, 2015

We got this nice photo from Ceri Roberts from UK! Thank you so much Ceri for sharing your and your husband’s story with us!

Organ Donation Concerns us All. Please make your wishes known! Thank you.

My husband received a kidney transplant in November 2013.
Life before the transplant was very difficult for us. Everyday was a struggle for my husband both mentally and physically. Due to his end stage kidney failure, he was constantly tired and unwell, unable to work and carry out a normal family life. He had to attend hospital for dialysis three times a week for the previous three years to keep him alive. He was a regular inpatient at the renal ward, and his only hope was a kidney transplant.
The day the phone call came, informing us of a possible kidney match changed our lives..
Since the transplant he has been able to live and enjoy an active and normal life again. His health is stable and he is full of energy. He has since started working again, and plays an active role in raising our three daughters.
Hoping our story will help spread awareness on organ donation.....the decision to be a donor really does change lives.”

Thank You
Ceri Roberts