Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Music Artist Kapten Röd is supporting Organ Donation Awareness by promoting Recycle Me! Thank you so much. It means a lot!!

Björn Nilson alias Kapten Röd has his own, personal experience of the importance of organ donation. In his family there is an inherited kidney disease. At present it´s incurable. In worst case it may cause kidney failure and the need for a kidney transplant. A close relative of Björn is alive today only because she underwent such a transplant surgery.

There are many causes of kidney disease. Almost one million Swedes have impaired kidney function, often without symptoms. Kidney failure is a hidden disease. If kidney function is greatly reduced or fails, dialysis becomes necessary, or even a kidney transplant.

Every time organ donation is being discussed, remember to share your thoughts and your wishes about organ donation with others. We can all make a difference by telling others what we think about organ donation. Let your family, your friends and your loved ones know what you think!

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Photo Pontus Johansson

Design Pamela Lindgren