Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This is Jan Holgersson, a skilled scientist making groundbreaking research in order to save more lives! Read about his research team and what they do here below! Jan is working with both Prof. Suchitra Sumitran-Holgersson and Prof. Michael Olausson who already supported RECYCLE ME! Thank you so much for spreading the word - Organ Donation Concerns Us All.

“The Jan Holgersson research team conducts research in the field of transplant diagnostics focusing on developing new techniques for risk assessment of organ transplant recipients. The development of new tests for more reproducible quantification and specificity-determination of ABO and nonHLA antibodies are high on the agenda, as are the development of assays to quantify cells producing such antibodies. A very active line of research involves making cell factories producing mucin-type fusion proteins with tailored glycosylation through genetic engineering. Such mucin/immunoglobulin fusion proteins are developed to function as vaccine adjuvants and inhibitors of virus infection amongst other things.” Text from: http://www.surgery.gu.se/Forskargrupper/laboratory-for-transplantation-and-regenerative-medicine/research-group/

Fun fact; Jan and Suchitra are married, they meet in the Bio lab!

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