Monday, October 13, 2014

Photo and design Pamela Lindgren 2014 © 
Twin brothers Jakob and Markus Gäbel both work as surgeons and save lives. We are so thankful for their important work. Thank you Jakob and Markus for participating in the RECYCLE ME project to spread organ donation awareness.

Remember that we all can make a difference by sharing our thoughts and wishes about organ donation. It concerns us all; every YES for organ donation is a chance to save lives!

“For some people life changes dramatically and they get limited because of severe illness or disease. The disease might bind them to a lifetime of dialysis-dependency or simply end their life far too early. Transplantation may be the only remaining treatment option.”

“Transplantation Centre at Sahlgrenska University Hospital performs organ transplantations of all types; heart, lung, liver, kidney, pancreas and intestine. Both children and adults are treated. Most receive organs from deceased donors, but in some cases, transplantation with living donors is performed. Most patients are back at work or studies one year after the organ transplant. Survival results in international comparison ( is very good with an expected survival of 85% at 1 year, 75% at 5 years and 60% after 10 years.”

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