Tuesday, July 30, 2013

For your knowledge, the profit from the sale of RECYCLE ME products t-shirts and jewelry go to the Foundation Lars-Erik Gelin MemorialFoundation. The Fundation has this year chosen to support this amazing research (and five more!), see below.

Suchitra Holgersson and Michael Olausson collaborate in two different projects in stem cell research that is related to the field of transplantation. They get 200 000 SEK each to the research that in the future may lead to possibilities to repair a failing liver instead of transplant a new liver. Through the new technique that involves using the body's own material the patient avoids lifelong medication of rejection which in some cases can cause side effects.

Their research has already had great clinical success. In 2012 the first two interventions in the world with operation of a stem cell made ​​from vein to replace a vein to the liver that did not work was published. Thanks to the surgery a  liver transplant was avoided.

Two additional patients have been transplanted with a similar technique at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The technology to produce new blood vessels opens great opportunities for more patient groups, including patients on dialysis who have difficulty constructing accesses to the bloodstream or heart patients who need new coronary arteries. 

Text from press notification Gelinsfonden, freely translated.